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Due to weather,
all services cancelled for Sunday 01-14-2007

That all peoples may know Him
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

National Goal: $150 million
Our Goal: $3000.00
Received: $2,238.00


Camp Chaparral Baptist Assembly
January 19 - 20, 2007
Guest Speaker: Debbie Skinner
Worship Leader: Allison Martin
Conference Fee: $35 (includes meals and materials)
Lodging: Motel - $25 (with 3 to a room)
Retreat Center - $20
Lodge Space - $15
For reservations call (940) 855-4182

JANUARY 14 & 21

Planning meetings for Disciple Now will be held after the Evening Worship service January 14 and after the Family Supper and Business Meeting on January 21. These are very important meetings to prepare for the Disciple Now weekend on January 26-28. Everyone who is signed up to help with Disciple Now needs to attend these meetings. Also, anyone who has not signed up but wishes to have a part in Disciple Now should be there. Part of each meeting will be devoted to prayer for the students who will be attending Disciple Now.

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Built in Tags
Tags are special text enclosed in that are read by your browser (Internet Explorer) and produce desired effects. Not all browsers respond to tags the same way, I have focused on tags used by "Internet Explorer" due to the fact it is the most widely used browser.
These will cause things to happen in the body of the text, you can use these examples.
They can be copied and pasted into the paragraph fields above.

Inset a paragraph.

This will cause the text following it to have a left margin and a right margin which is less than the default body of the text it must be followed with this tag

Inset a paragraph with italicized text.

This will cause the text following it to have a left margin and a right margin which is less than the default body of the text it must be followed with this tag,it is exactly like the above example except the test will be in italics.

Font colors. this text will be red,basic colors are valid or this text will be gray or this text will be green then the font will continue with the original color. How to add a line break carriage return.
This will be on a new line, the tag will cause the line to stop and begin on the next line acts as a carriage return with a line feed. Listing Items Below is an example of putting an entry in as a list, you can add or remove tags as needed to lengthen or shorten the list.

List example with the heading omitted.

Bold, to make words stand out. this will be in bold text Font Size, this will let you alter the size of the text. By changing the number of the px (pixels) in the tag you can alter the text size. Smaller number will be smaller text and a larger number for larger text. Center text.

This text will be centered in body. Remember to break a line use
this will start a new line
many can be used

Underline text. to use this just surround the words to be underlined with the following tags. This text will be underlined and so forth.

Winter is here.
Come and Worship
Attend Worship Service
Each Sunday
Morning Service 11:00AM
Evening Service 6:00PM