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car1 This is where you would put some text for your visitors telling them all about your site.

More text and images can go as far down the page as you want.

You can put links in the text too. That way when you mention your puppies or dogs for sale they can click right there and not have to hunt the link in the navigation menu.

Of course this link goes nowhere.


You Can Have More Headings Too

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These sub-headings can be either black or colored font, whichever you think looks best.

The images can be in boxes or without boxes and the border can be any width you want.

Then you can add more text, links and images.

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Cowboy, Horse and Dog

I can also put small images on the page and have them where they will show a larger image when they are clicked on.

Try clicking on this image to see what I mean.

Notice that you can add a caption to these images too.

You can also add dividers like the rope at the top of the page or the one just below here.


You can also have an image that is wider if you want, like the one below.

You can put some text here. Or you could put more images down this side.

You could also put some advertising or something like that in this space.

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