Wednesday the 1st of April , 2009

As most of you know, this coming Sunday, April 5th, is Linda and my last Sunday at First Baptist Church, Throckmorton. It comes with mixed feelings. I will be one month short of having served here for five years.

    As in any family there are the ups and downs and that is true here. There have been many good times and as we leave we will focus on those. We will pray for you as the church tries to decide who you are as a church. We will pray as you seek to find your next pastor. We ask that you will pray for us as we seek God's direction in service and in employment.

    We will remain in Throckmorton for a little while. We still have not decided where to move. If you need either Linda or me, please just give us a call.

Bro. Will

"This Little Light of Mine" Genesis 1:3-4 and Exodus 34:29-35

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